Don’t Run Your Fuel Tank on Empty!

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When to fill your fuel tank

When to fill your fuel tank

We are all guilty of it-running our vehicle on fumes and just barely making it to the gas station. Did you know that running your vehicle on empty is a big no-no? Not only will you and your 2017 Kia Forte have to endure the “push of shame” to the nearest gas station, but you could cause some serious damage to your Kia that could cost A LOT more than it would have if you’d just filled up the tank in the first place! Find out when to fill your fuel tank in order to protect yourself, your Kia, and your wallet.

Empty Fuel GaugeWhen Should You Refill?

First of all, never depend on your fuel gauge to be completely accurate. That amount shown is just merely an estimate. And once the gauge hits that final quarter of a tank, the fuel always seems to go down quickly. The last thing you want to do is get stuck in rush hour or in a little bit of snow with less a quarter tank, because those are the times when you need that extra fuel the most. We strongly recommend filling your tank once you hit the quarter mark, or even before.

You’re Better Off Paying at the Pump than to the Tow Truck

So what happens if you run out of gas? If you are on a rural road or highway and the nearest gas station is quite a distance away, you will most likely have to get your 2016 Kia Sportage towed. And that costs money-roughly the same amount, if not more, than a tank of gas.

blog about Kia's 5 Safety FeaturesDon’t Risk Yourself and Other Drivers by Running Out of Gas

Not only is that towing job adding onto the cost of that empty tank, damage inflicted on your 2016 Kia Rio will make this whole mistake even more expensive. If you are in the middle of the road and there is no way to move your Kia off to the side, you are taking a risk at causing a collision because your warning lights will not work. And your airbags won’t activate. The last thing you want is to endanger yourself and other drivers.

That $1000 Damage Could’ve Been Prevented with a $40 Fill-Up

Then there are the mechanical damages which will REALLY rack up your bill and make you regret your decision to just wait a little longer to fill up. Gasoline works as a cooling factor in several components of your 2016 Kia Soul, such as the fuel-pump motor and certain parts of the engine. Not having enough fuel to feed the system causes overheating, untimely wear and tear, and the possibility of engine failure. So save yourself hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars and just fill up your tank! It only takes 5 minutes and will save you money in the long run, even if the price per gallon is higher than what you want.

Contact Carolina Kia with Questions Regarding Fuel Economy

If you have any questions regarding fuel economy and mechanics in the Kia models, contact Carolina Kia and their service department. Their professional representatives will be happy to help you!

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