Where can I find great car gifts?

By Product Expert | Posted in For Fun, Maintenance, Tips on Monday, December 19th, 2016 at 8:54 pm

5 Gift Ideas for your Car Crazy Friend

It’s that time of year, gift giving time! Are you stumped, need a few good ideas? We are here to help. Here are 5 gift ideas that may not have thought of for your car-crazy friend. They are all different prices too! Let’s take a look.


Driving Gloves

Have you ever seen them? Likely in an old-time racing movie. Driving gloves are a very luxurious accessory. The are made from thin form fitting perforated leather. Often they will have a button or snap at the wrist. They cost an average of $40 and had a whole new level of panache to the driving experience.

A New Car

We know, we hear you, but we had to go there. We love cars and know how much getting a new can mean. Be sure to check out the Carolina Kia website for Manager’s Specials
and seasonal promotions. There may be some options that will work well for you. If you are trying to figure the big picture in terms of cost, we even have a trade-in value calculator and an estimated monthly payment calculator.

manager special Carolina

Detailing Kit

Most big box stores carry these. Detailing kits come in a range of prices. They generally have some soft cloths and various cleaning products in them. This is a nice gift for a number of reasons. First, it is complete and has all you need to clean the outside and detail the inside of your vehicle. Secondly, the products are formulated to be kind to your car. It seems that dish washing detergent is popular for do-it-yourself car washes. But, be warned they are not at all good for your carn’s paint. It’s better for you to use properly formulated paint.

Annual Maintenance

Give the gift of peace of mind. It’s not wildly exciting but it is very important! We like to make things as easy as possible for our customers so you can schedule service online. And we want you to be happy so depending on the day you schedule the service, we may have manicures going on or delicious donuts to eat.


File this gift under fun and frivolous, or maybe functional. Did you know that there is cutlery just for car enthusiasts? You can get a set of a knife, a spoon, and a fork that each have a wrench at the top of the handle. They look great, and they even come in a handy little toolbox. If you look up wrenchware you will easily find them.

We wish you and your families the very best holiday season and a fantastic New Year!