What is UVO?

By Product Expert | Posted in Technology on Thursday, July 7th, 2016 at 6:00 pm
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Four great things about Kia Uvo

Simply put, Uvo is the Kia Motors infotainment system. Maybe we should start with what an infotainment system is. Infotainment is another way of saying an in-car entertainment and information system. It refers to all the hardware and software that delivers audio and visual information. That information could be a hit song or directions to job interview.

Uvo is Kia’s very own proprietary infotainment system. And in case you are wondering what the word Uvo means, well it’s just short for “your voice”. This is because Uvo can accept and act on voice commands. Pretty cool, huh? Here are 4 great things about Kia Uvo.

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Smartphone Synching

woman holding smartphone_bUvo can do an amazing amount. Not only can it play the radio, CD player and act like a built-in jukebox. What makes Uvo capabilities seem limitless is that it can seamlessly interface with your smartphone. So anything your smart phone can do, Uvo can do.

All of this is possible through voice-recognition technology. There is no need to hold your smartphone once it is synched to your Uvo technology. It even has Apple CarPlay.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Not only will this help to entertain you and provide navigation, it will also help keep your Kia running smoothly. Uvo is capable of collecting data from your car’s engine and suggesting maintenance or even diagnosing something more serious.

Parking Minder

Uvo will remember the coordinates of your parking spot. You can also take a picture of your cars location and store it with these co-ordinates. And there is a timer you set with a reminder so that you will be notified before the time runs out on your parking meter.


One more cool thing about Uvo

Another great thing about Uvo, as if you hadn’t heard enough already, it is free. The Uvo eService is subscription free. We would love to show you first hand all the great stuff UVO can do for you. Why not come by for a test drive? If you like we’ll walk you through our current incentives and rebates. We’d love to see you.

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