How can I save money on gas?

By Product Expert | Posted in Hybrids, Tips on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 at 7:29 pm
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How to save money on gas

It’s summertime which means more driving. And more filling up your gas tank. Goodness knows you don’t want to drive on empty!  So here are some ways to save money on gas

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Plan your fill-ups

While it might be psychologically easier to put in $10 here and $15 dollars there, there is no economic benefit to topping off the tank. It’s better to plan one trip to the gas station on a day when prices are lower. (Mid-week can be less expensive than weekends). And fill up. Taking a bunch of little trips to the gas station adds mileage and really doesn’t help.

Take your time at green lights

You don’t need to be the first car off the line when the light changes. Your morning commute is not a drag race. So, take your time let your vehicle roll forward a little and then apply the gas pedal. Do you know that this could save you up to 30% on gas each year?

Plan your trips, all of them

At the beginning of the week think about what you have to accomplish. Write out a grocery list so you only have to make one trip to the market that week. Think about the errands you need to run, are any of them close to each other? Why not group these together on one day. Need to pick your kids up at practice? Why not ride share with other parents? The idea is to drive less and to conserve fuel.

Use an App

Why not use your smartphone to find the cheapest gas prices in your area? You may want to try AAA triptik or GasBuddy. There are a number of good apps out there.

Consider a Hybrid

Kia is making a big push to bring more eco-friendly vehicles to market. They have invested quite a bit in top of the line technology. Why not take a Kia Optima Hybrid for a test drive to get a feel of what it is like to drive a hybrid? Do you like the idea of conserving energy but don’t want to broadcast it to the world? Well then the Kia Niro may be the car for you. They are calling it the un-hybrid. It is a hybrid, but you’d never guess it. It looks like a smart, rugged SUV.



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