How do Hybrid Cars Work?

By Product Expert | Posted in Hybrids on Friday, September 23rd, 2016 at 6:13 pm
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What is a hybrid car?

The dictionary definition of a hybrid is a thing made by combining two different elements, a mixture. This may be true but it doesn’t really help to understand how it works for cars. So what is a hybrid, exactly?

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Hybrids and EV’s

Currently, Kia has two types of green engines available, there is the Hybrid and the EV. The EV stands for Electric Vehicle. The Kia Soul comes in an EV option. The second type of green Kia that is currently available is the Kia Optima Hybrid.  The 2017 Kia Optima is also available as a plug-in.

Hybrid is a type of powertrain. And powertrain is the mechanism that takes the drive energy from the engine of the vehicle to the axles to move them. It can also be a catch-all phrase for the engine, the axle and the powertrain together.

Hybrids have been in the US market since 1999, the year Leonardo DiCaprio famously drove a Prius to the Oscars. The definition of a vehicular hybrid is a vehicle that uses more than one form of onboard energy to achieve movement. That means that a hybrid will likely have a traditional fuel engine and tank in addition to an electric motor and battery pack. The car is being fueled by a combination of gas and electricity. This combination results in lower CO2 emissions and in improved fuel economy.  The electric engine in the car often collects and re-uses bits of energy that would otherwise go to waste.

The new un-Hybrid

Kia has made a promise to become more and more green. They are doing this by adding more fuel efficient cars to their line-up. They have added hybrids, electric vehicles, and plug-ins. In addition to this new technology, Kia is introducing a new attitude to the hybrid marketplace. The have come out with a brand new car for the driver who likes the ides of a hybrid, but doesn’t want to be conspicuous about it. The 2017 Kia Niro is the first ever Hybrid Utility Vehicle. It looks like an SUV and it handles like an SUV. It’s perfect for the consumer who wants to take care of the environment, but doesn’t want to call any attention to themselves. For more about the 2017 Kia Niro see the video below.


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