What do the Kia steering modes mean?

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What is Kia FlexSteer?

If you have been sifting through Kia features lists, you may have run across the term FlexSteer. What is Kia FlexSteer? We have your answers right here including a description of what each FlexSteer mode does.

2018 Kia Soul steering wheelHow does FlexSteer work?

FlexSteer takes the idea of a hydraulically controlled power steering system, and throws that in the trash. Instead, by utilizing an electric power steering assist, your car can achieve a higher degree of control over not just steering but also steering feel.

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All Kia models from the Rio on up feature electronic power steering. A few models, like the 2018 Kia Soul, allow you to utilize FlexSteer to actually adjust the feel of your steering wheel to your preferences and driving style at the touch of a button.

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2018 Kia Optima TurningAdvantages of electronic power steering

Electronic power steering is a wonder of modern engineering. When power steering first came on the scene, it worked hydraulically. In fact, many new cars still have hydraulic power steering to this day. These systems are cumbersome, expensive and complicated. They also rob your engine of performance and efficiency.

An electronic power steering system suffers from none of those drawbacks. If you were to make a pros and cons table for electronic power steering, you would find next to nothing to put on the con side. At one point, the argument would have been price, but that concern is long gone. Electronic power steering systems are smarter, more efficient, lighter, and simply better.

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What are the Flex Steer modes?


Think of this as turning the assist up to 11. The steering wheel becomes light, but in a good way. This mode is perfect for working through tight corners like the ones found in parking lots.


Designed for everyday use, this mode makes the steering wheel a little heavier, while still allowing you to handle those tight curves. Normal strikes a balance between two extremes.


Finally, sport mode is tuned for the open road. By reducing the assist and increasing the feedback, you’ll have a more direct connection with your car and the road.

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