What is Kia Dynamax AWD and how does it work?

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Which Kia models have AWD

Which Kia models offer all-wheel drive?

Learn which Kia models offer all-wheel drive as we explore the technology behind Kia’s innovative Dynamax intelligent all-wheel drive system. We will explain what things are, how they work, and what models and trims they are all available on right here.

Kia models that offer all-wheel drive

All in all, there are two Kia models that currently have all-wheel drive options, and they are exactly the models you would expect. These two models reside at the top of the Kia crossover spectrum. They are the Sportage and Sorento, and they both have the all-wheel drive options that you need.

2018 Kia Sportage with AWD


The Sportage may only have three trim levels, but all of them have all-wheel drive available. The front-wheel drive configuration comes standard to give you greater fuel efficiency, but if you would prefer AWD, then the LX, EX, and SX Turbo can all provide.

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2018 Kia Sorento with AWD


The Sorento offers all-wheel drive on nearly every trim level. All trim levels come with front-wheel drive standard, but the LX, LX V6, EX 2.0T EX V6, SX, and SX Limited can all be upgraded to an all-wheel drive configuration. Only the L trim level is left out.

2018 Kia Sorento model information

Kia Dynamax AWDKia Dynamax AWD

Kia doesn’t employ just any old all-wheel drive system. They employ Dynamax intelligent all-wheel drive. This innovative system is more than just a drive configuration. Dynamax AWD utilizes a wide array of sensors and computing technology to automatically adjust to the traction needs of any driving surface imaginable.

This system operates the wheels independently ensuring that each wheel is getting the attention it needs. Not only will this help with acceleration from a stop, but cornering as well. Show those weather conditions who’s boss with Kia Dynamax intelligent AWD.

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What is a locking center differential?

In an all-wheel drive car, you typically have three differentials. The center differential is often the first differential in the chain, and it splits power between the front and rear wheels. This power is split again in both the front and rear with two more differentials. Afterward, the power finally goes to the individual wheels. A locking center differential, which comes standard on a Dynamax AWD system, locks the center differential and ensures that power is going to the front and rear wheels at all times.

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