2016 Kia Optima vs 2016 Honda Accord
2016 Kia Optima 2016 Honda Accord
$21, 840 Starting MSRP $22,105
3 Engine Options 2
28-mpg city, 39-mpg hwy Best Fuel Economy 27-mpg city, 37-mpg hwy
104.8 cubic-feet Passenger Volume 103.2 cubic-feet

2016 Kia Optima vs 2016 Honda Accord

2016 Kia Optima Side View

We can’t help but sit back in awe of all of the technological advancements that vehicles have made these past few years. It used to be unique, and even luxurious, to have features such as a touchscreen audio display or any sort of driver assist technology in  your car. Now, these features are available in just about any new vehicle that comes out. Or at least, they should be available if you want your vehicle to sell. Two vehicles that are bringing technology to drivers better than just about any other can be found in our latest 2016 Kia Optima vs 2016 Honda Accord comparison.  

So what types of technology are the 2016 Kia Optima and 2016 Honda Accord offering that others cannot match. One of the coolest technologies is the Apple CarPlay infotainment system which works alongside these vehicles current infotainment system, but is able to sync and communicate with your iPhone better. It also presents you with a similar interface and recognizable apps. Both vehicles also have plenty of great driver assist technologies to help prevent the driver from getting in any accidents!

2016 Optima More Refined and Comfortable Than Ever Before

While both of these vehicles offer great technology, the 2016 Kia Optima vs 2016 Honda Accord comparison does have several glaring difference. First off, the 2016 Optima underwent a recent redesign and now sports a more upscale, luxurious look than just about any other sedan out there. Even though the 2016 Accord got a refresh as well, it pales in comparison to the stunning look of the 2016 Kia Optima.

As for the comfort that each of these vehicles provides, you can clearly see in the table above that the Optime offers the driver and passenger more interior space than the Accord. This was one of the goals of the 2016 Optima’s redesign, to provide a larger, more comfortable cabin. We would certainly say they have achieved this, and with options such as heated seats, and Nappa leather trim available, there aren’t many cars you will find that are more comfortable.

If you have any other questions regarding the 2016 Kia Optima vs 2016 Honda Accord comparison, we encourage you to contact one of our Carolina Kia sales professionals.

2016 Kia Optima Interior