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Once you know which Kia you'd like, the next thing to figure out is how to get that dream car. Does it make sense to buy it? Or does it make more sense to lease it? And what is leasing anyway?

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Simply put, leasing is a contract between two or more parties. Take for example an apartment lease. It's a contract between the renter and the owner that outlines how much the renter will pay and how long they can rent. It may also spell out other things like safety deposit etc. Here's the good news, you can also lease a Kia and it works much the same way. You and an expert from the Carolina Kia dealership will sit down and based on needs and overall picture, will determine what sort of a leasing arrangement makes sense. Carolina Kia also has a number of tools on the site that help with understanding different aspects involved with financing a car. To get started on what may be involved, we invite you to use the tools on These will help you get a sense of what your credit is like, and allow you to estamate what monthly payments might look like. But that's not the whole picture when looking into a new vehicle. You will also want to know what the trade-in value of your current vehicle is. Another cost, and it's an ongoing one, is fuel. How much does fuel currently cost you and what will the savings be in a new car? There is also a tool for each of these on our site. 

So why lease?

There are some big reasons people chose to lease. Well, maybe there are more, but these are the main reasons. The first is that you can trade up. With a lease all of your money goes to the monthly payment for the length of the lease. There is rarely a downpayment, or if there is it is much lower than if you were to purchase a vehicle. This means that for the term of the lease your money can go farther. Many people use this advantage to trade up and drive a car they might not be able to afford otherwise. 

Another advantage is that the lease is for a limited time. That means there will be an opportunity to easily move to a different vehicle once the lease is up. So, as you move through life's stages you can be driving a car to match. In other words, will you be an empty nester soon? Why not trade in the Sorento for a K900? Maybe you are moving from the country to the city and would like something that is easier to park? Whatever the need of the stage Kia has a vehicle for it, and that vehicle can be leased! If you have questions about leasing or any of our products please come in. We'd love to meet you and better understand how best we can help you. 

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