What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

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Whether you’re trying to be more eco-conscious or you want to enjoy impressive gas mileage on your daily commutes, an electric vehicle is the ideal type of car for you. If this will be your very first electric model, you will want to make sure that it is the right choice for you in Greensboro. Let Carolina Kia of High Point walk you through some advantages that you can enjoy when you make the switch! Discover the main ones, including the environmental benefits of electric cars, below. 



Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars

If you want to make a strong effort to be more environmentally friendly, then upgrading to an electric vehicle is a big step, especially if it will be your main way of commuting around the Kernersville area. The two crucial environmental benefits of electric cars include: 

  • Zero Emissions: Enjoy close to zero tailpipe emissions and leave exhaust systems in the past as most electric models don’t have one. This means exhaust emissions are not a byproduct of the vehicle running.
  • Renewable Energy: Since electric vehicles are powered by electricity, they can use renewable energy, such as solar, wind, and even water.

Other Benefits of Electric Vehicles 

The long list of benefits of electric cars goes beyond eco-friendly ones. From an elevated driving experience to a less-hassle owning experience, driving an electric vehicle will definitely change your commutes in Thomasville for good: 

  • Reduced Maintenance: Fully electric models don’t require engine oil, so there’s no need for oil changes. While you won’t have to visit our service center as often as before, we are still here for you if your electric car needs anything in High Point!
  • Quieter Drive: When you hit the roads, you will immediately notice how quiet the ride is. Thanks to the lack of engine noise, there is less commotion in the cabin, so you can enjoy complete peace during your drives. 
  • Performance: Of course, electric vehicles won’t perform the same as gas-powered vehicles, but they will provide unbeatable, thrilling performance as they’re equipped with electric motors that are capable of producing near-instantaneous torque.
  • More Incentives: From federal to state, local, and even dealer-exclusive incentives, there are many for electric vehicles. Enjoy a brand new Kia electric vehicle from Carolina Kia of High Point and you may qualify for the federal tax credit of up to $7,500!

Discover the Kia EV Lineup at Carolina Kia of High Point 

After discovering the various benefits of electric vehicles, do you want to hop into an electric vehicle near High Point? Head on over to Carolina Kia of High Point and we can show you what’s available in the Kia lineup! Contact us for more information or better yet for a test drive at our lot.


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