NC Triad Local Directory

The triad is one of North Carolina’s most popular areas to live and visit. The area includes Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and Highpoint; three cities that are full of great places to visit. In this directory you will find the most popular dining, shopping, and entertainment options in the Triad!


Parks and Attractions in the Triad

If you live in the triad you know just how much there is to do here. From wild days at water parks to close encounters with animals at the science center, the Triad has a lot to offer. Here are the top parks and attractions in the Greensboro, Winston Salem area below:


Piedmont Environmental Center 

Anytime of the year you can find something to do at the Piedmont Environmental Center open at 9 am to 5 pm (referring to the PEC buildings and restrooms). Over 6.5 miles of land consisting of animal exhibits, educational classes (for all ages), natural trail, and the High Point Greenway and Bicentennial Greenway converge here at the environmental center. All of the trails are open from sunrise to sunset. With the being said, free yourself and experience nature at its finest at Piedmont Environmental Center of High Point. 



Piedmont Environmental Center 




4th of July Park 


Open from dawn to dusk, the 4th of July Park provides the Triad area with a perfect Independence Day hot spot. For anyone in North Carolina to come once a year and celebrate one of the most important days of the year for the United States, this park provides not only historic value to North Carolina, but a place for all to be able to gather and bond. Of course, this park got its name for its intended use, it stands to be an everyday attraction with 17 acres of land providing the public with several open amenities. On your way in or out of the Triad area be sure to take advantage of the park’s large dog park, an impressive skate park, several tennis and basketball courts, walking trails, and Forsyth County’s first accessible and all-inclusive playground.  


Check out North Carolina’s 4th of July Park

Wet’n Wild Emerald Point (Greensboro)


Having a record of being rated one of the Top 10 waterparks in America, Wet’n Wild is known as one of North Carolina’s most popular attractions. Filled with fun and water, it might be hard to decide among all 36+ different water rides. With outstanding family attractions, amazing special events, and even several delicious dining options, Wet’n Wild is a perfect place to let loose. With fantastic deals, discounts, and promotions, truly anyone in North Carolina can come and experience a nationwide attraction. Take advantage of being in the Carolinas to experience over 3 million gallons of water filled happiness and fun.   


Check out Wet’n Wild Water Park

Greensboro Science Center


One of the best ways to learn is to be in an environment that is entertaining and fascinating at the same time. The Greensboro Science Center opens up opportunities for all that might seem a little out of the ordinary. The center provides guests with a brilliant museum and zoo all in one location, and let’s not forget about the aquarium. Completely safe, this science center does more than show you plants and animals, it also allows you the chance to interact with the animals as well. To top it all off, the zoo and aquarium have ways you can upgrade your visit by getting to experience close encounters with several different exotic animals (the selection of animals may be prone to change).   


Experience the world at Greensboro Science Center

Tanglewood Park 


When someone says “recreational park,” Tanglewood park should be what comes to mind. There are several different seasonal events for people of all ages (there are “beer” related events, but the general grounds of the park are still open to all ages), a dog park, festivals, sporting options such as golf or tennis, and even employment opportunities. For a very low price you can bring friends, family, and vehicles so pack the cooler and get the picnic ready for a day to remember at Tanglewood Park of Winston-Salem. 


Check out Tanglewood Park

High Point City Lake Park 


Open 7 days a week, City Lake Park provides a more unique experience than most parks. Come visit to witness particular amenities such as a mini-train ride, a carousel ride, a 30-passenger boat excursion, mini-golf, and totaling over ten different amenities for recreation and entertainment. Swimming and fishing is allowed. And there are several different events and programs provided with a calendar to see when and what upcoming events there are. There is food and drinks available, and picnic shelters that can reach up to covering 600 people. 


Come visit City Lake Park of High Point




World’s Largest Chest of Drawers


A lot of people may not know this, but High Point North Carolina is home to the World’s Largest Chest of Drawers. Currently sitting at 508 Hamilton Street of High Point, this dresser stands 36 feet high with the occasional change to the paint job and/or wooden finish. Seen in a Nautical Grey and several shades and hues of a brilliant Wooden Brown, this massive 19th century dresser stands to symbolize the Furniture Capital of the World right here in High Point North Carolina. This sight has been around since 1929, where it was referred to as the Bureau of Information at the time. The dresser always has 2 giant socks hanging out of it for another reference towards symbolling the areas (High Point) hosiery industry. All you need to do to see this phenomenal restored dresser is show up to the address from earlier, 508 Hamilton Street of High Point, and you can even call for inquiries at (336) 906-1540. Go check out The World’s Largest Chest of Drawers of High Point North Carolina.


Visit the World's Largest Chest of Drawers



High Point City Lake Park


This is the perfect park for someone who likes a little bit of everything. Year round, open 7 days (excluding some holidays) of the week. The High Point City Lake Park comes with an assortment of amenities, programs and events, swimming pool, children’s playground, 10 picnic shelters available on the grounds, and optional boating and fishing recreation. The park opens at 8 am and closes at 5 pm. Another unique feature is the seasonal amusement park which provides the available carousel, mini train ride, mini-golf for an 18-hole course, and Pontoon boat excursions with half hour and hour long 30 passenger group options. 

**Note: the amusement park will not open back up until spring 2020**


Visit High Point City Lake Park 



Lydia’s Haunted Bridge(s) of Jamestown


Legend has it that a ghost girl by the name of Lydia is seen “haunting” the underpasses of 2 bridges in Jamestown of Guilford County. One bridge is a railroad that goes over East Main Street in Jamestown and the other bridge is abandoned, possibly due to a fatal accident that had happened at least one year before (believed to be in 1923) the first sighting. According to a key witness and a sighting of her that dates back as far as 1924, the story goes where she is dressed in a white gown and waves down at people driving by to ask for help. Turns out she is from High Point North Carolina and she, for roughly 70 years, has been requesting for help to get back home to High Point. There are many variations of what people have experienced and the urban legend, “Lydia: The Ghost of Jamestown Bridge,” comes from a cultural myth titled as the “Vanishing Hitchhiker.”       


Learn More About The Ghost of Jamestown Bridge



High Point Museum 

Right on East Lexington Ave, home to the High Point Museum. Unlike most museums, this museum likes to add more for the “what to do” when you visit. Hosting several events such as lunch events, Jazz concerts, community reservation projects, and an Annual Open House with the 47th one this year on December 1st (2019). Open year-round, this museum has stood as a pinnacle of information for High Point’s history. Come witness history and checkout any of the upcoming Jazz concerts at High Point’s Museum. 


Visit High Point Museum



Armstrong Park      


Taking up 5.3 acres, the Armstrong Park gives you more than you would expect. Providing a youth baseball/softball field surrounded by both the High Point Greenway and the passageway that leads to the children’s playground. Next to the playground you will find 2 available shelters and on the opposite side of the park you will find 2 Pickleball courts. Come explore a piece of High Point at the Armstrong Park right off of East Parkway Ave. of High Point.   


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