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Brakes are one of the most important parts of staying safe in Greensboro. You’ll want to be sure your brakes are working their best and are not too worn down. Learn how to check brake fluid and what color is brake fluid. It’s crucial to check your brake fluid regularly so you are secure on every Kernersville ride. Keep reading and learn more with the service center at Carolina Kia of High Point.

What is Brake Fluid?

The movement of your brake pedal is aided by this hydraulic fluid (brake fluid). Not only does it help you brake, but it also lubricates the system and prevents corrosion. In most vehicles, brake fluid is a glycol-ether based mixture, but it is available in both silicone-based and mineral oil-based fluids. Explore your owner’s manual to determine the type of fluid your vehicle needs.

How to Check Brake Fluid: Three Steps

  1. Your vehicle’s brake fluid reservoir is located on the master cylinder under the hood, but check your owner’s manual to find the exact location.
  2. The reservoir should be labeled with “minimum” and “maximum” lines. You can use these lines as a point of reference to check the brake fluid. If the brake fluid is closer to the minimum line, it’s time for a brake fluid replacement or brake service.
  3. What color is brake fluid? This is an important question, look at the color of the brake fluid. If it’s dark brown or black and looks more like oil, you need a brake fluid flush.

How to Check Brake Fluid & Why It’s Necessary

So, why do you need to change your brake fluid? There are a number of reasons:

  • Brake fluid attracts moisture, this could potentially cause corrosion on your brakes over time. 
  • When the brake fluid ages, it will become contaminated with small particles that can damage brake-related systems. 
  • Using a system like ABS and traction control generate heat when they activate, which can shorten the lifespan of your brake fluid.

It’s best to regularly check brake fluid so you can avoid a scenario where your brakes actually fail to stop your car completely because of damage.

What Color is Brake Fluid? 

What color is brake fluid? When you have new brake fluid, it should be almost clear with a slight yellowish tint. Over time, this changes with the wear down of your brake fluid. Dark oil-like brake fluid has picked up dirt and debris over time, which can affect the performance of your brakes if left unattended.

When to Get Your Service

Check your brake fluid with every oil change or at least once a year. You may be surprised to learn that brake fluid can last about four to five years, but this will vary depending on the vehicle, driving habits, and driving conditions. If you bring your vehicle in for routine scheduled maintenanceat an OEM-certified service center, the certified technicians will know when to check and change your brake fluid.

Get Your Brake Service at Carolina Kia of High Point 

Our service center is located in High Point, right outside of Thomasville, and you can visit us any time. You can also check your brake fluid at home or schedule an appointment with our team. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online any time. While you’re here, feel free to explore more service tips, like how to jumpstart your car.


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