When Kia made its way across the Pacific to the US in order to start selling cars the first lineups were touted as little more than generic cars from a Korean automaker.  As an association, most items Korean have long been considered to be inferior in quality to those made elsewhere, an association Kia had to live with for several years.

Since their introduction to the US market, Kia has had two standout vehicles that have carried the brand success on their backs; the Optima and the Soul.  After a few years of success the Optima has found a popular spokesperson who also happens to have a dry sense of humor that resonates well with the American public, giving us some grand entertainment when just watching commercials, but the Optima itself is so much more.

As with any car, the Optima has a generational timeframe and the 2016 model year marks the next generation beginning for the Optima.  Kia has created a new version of their most popular model that will continue to give sedan drivers a car that is exciting and fun when on the road as well as boasting amazing presence when parked in the driveway.

Some of the most obvious upgrades come in the form of the aggressive front fascia that features a new grill that covers the front of the vehicle and gives the look of growling teeth.  Even though this new version offers a more mature look than previous models, Kia keeps the car looking ageless as it offers a beautiful style that is sleek and attractive for a large audience to enjoy.

Powering this fan favorite will be a choice of three engines.  All three are four-cylinder engines and two of them are carryovers from  the previous generation; a 2.4-liter naturally aspirated and a 2.0-liter turbocharged.  The new engine for the Optima is a smaller version that offers even more fuel economy to be enjoyed.  This new engine is a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that is attached to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (the first two are attached to a six-speed automatic).  This new engine will show up in the base LX model helping to keep the price point low and appealing for many who are just starting out in their adult lives.

Following the trend with other models, and answering the masses, the Optima offers more equipment at the base model than ever before.  This includes the UVO connectivity that offers Geo-fencing, Speed Alert, Curfew Alert and Driving Score to let you know how you are driving and what you could do to improve the performance on a fuel efficiency front. 

The Optima enters 2016 with a brand new look, great features and an excitingly efficient new engine to make this next generation one that starts off with a great car that has already shown it success in the US.  Available with higher end features, you can have the Optima you desire and drive one of the most attractive daily drivers on the market today.