Which Kia Soul Has Turbo?

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The third generation of the Kia Soul has kept its stand-out styling – the same one that caught the attention of drivers everywhere back in 2010.  However, the redesign of the Soul completely shook the SUV to its core; not only did the vehicle receive a top to bottom redesign, it also received all-new names for its trims.  Gone are the obscure trim names of Base, Plus, and Exclaim – they replaced these names with more average names for the Kia brand.  LX, S, GT-Line, and X-Line took over the new normal.

Twelve years into its run, the exterior styling has definitely been refreshed in changes to its front and rear bumpers. However, the fundamental framework has remained somewhat the same – its square-shaped design offering with a rooftop that slants somewhat downward towards the back.  Its look is energetic and fun, a refreshing look from many other vehicles on the road.

The Kia Soul provides thousands of drivers with reliable transportation every year. It’s affordable to buy, gets excellent gas mileage, and remains genuinely straightforward in its features at its base levels.  It comes full of incredible features that any driver will love, but those features consistently remain easy to use.  You won’t need to pull out your owners manual every other week.

While past models with their fine 2.0-liter I4 that made 147 torque were great economy models, the models with turbo engines make the vehicle more energetic; although from afar, you could never tell the difference of what is under the hood. However, not many at any stoplight will know what’s in store from the turbocharged Soul when that light becomes green.

Which Trims have Turbo?

The Kia Soul has been offering a turbocharged engine for many years.  In fact, it currently has its own trim dedicated to the turbo engine, aptly named the Kia Soul Turbo.  The Turbo trim has been an option for 2022 and 2021, while in 2020 the trim was titled the GT-Line Turbo.
However, just because the Soul now has a trim with an obvious turbo option does not mean that a turbo did not come on other trims in the past.  In the previous generation, the ! (Exclaim) trim offered the peppy turbocharged engine for drivers.  Exclaim is the highest trim available other than a hybrid engine.  The first year that the turbo engine became available was 2017.

What Does Turbo Do?

Have you ever noticed a small amount of vapor coming from the tailpipe of a car as it zooms past you? This is exhaust vapor, which is a combination of hot gases coming out at high speed. The vapor that comes out of the tailpipe is the result of what gives the vehicle that turbocharged boost.

Motors make power from the fuel in its cylinders. How much power a vehicle has is directly connected to how quickly it consumes and converts this fuel. The more cylinders you have, the more energy the car can produce each second and the faster it can go.

One method for making a vehicle go quicker is to add more cylinders. That is why faster performance vehicles regularly have eight and twelve cylinder engines rather than the four or six cylinders in an everyday family car. Another choice is to use a turbocharger, which powers more air into the cylinders each second to consume fuel at a quicker rate. A turbocharger is a straightforward, additional unit that can get extra power from a motor!

Can You Activate/Deactivate Turbo?

If you are alluding to an “on/off” switch, the solution for traditional turbos is “No.” Anyway, it is conceivable in supercharged vehicles. Yet, the two have components to keep away from overabundance strain on the turbines or stop them from connecting at excessively low rpm.

Turbochargers have a wastegate – this controls the exhaust gas flow to the turbine wheel in the engine system.  Superchargers, on the other hand, have a grip in the middle of the turbines and the driving belt.

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The Kia Soul provides both turbocharged and normal options for its drivers, giving you the decision to choose between a gas-conscious vehicle and a fun, peppy ride.  If you are looking for a new or used Kia Soul – whether or not it has turbo – near the High Point, North Carolina area, Carolina Kia can help!  We have multiple Kia Souls in our inventory right now that could be the next vehicle you bring home.  Our Sales Experts are prepared to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the perfect fit within your budget.

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